Tuesday, September 4, 2018

MSM News Media Total BLACKOUT!    By DP Staff Writer on August 23, 2018

Detective Publishes Book Exposing High-Level Gov’t Pedophile Ring, Shot in the Head Days Later 
TFTP | A former police detective, and author of a 
bombshell book that exposed a massive pedophile
 ring made up of high-level government officials 
was found shot in the head last week.

While officials are calling it an apparent suicide, 
his family is claiming that he told them he would 
never kill himself and that people were after him 
because he was about to expose even more high-
level government pedophilia.

Mark Minne, author of the controversial book 
police life to exposing the corruption and horrifying
 pedophilia he discovered while working as a detective.

Minnie and his good friend Chris Steyn, also a former
 cop turned investigative journalist, worked together 
on the book to expose a government and business 
community who took children to Bird Island where 
they were abused, and some possibly murdered.

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