Friday, November 9, 2018

“Kristallnacht” In America: Is What Occurred In Germany Is Happening Here?   Ammoland Inc. Posted on

KristallnachtKristallnacht 1938

New York -( In November 1938 in an incident known as Kristallnacht, which translates roughly as ‘night of broken glass’, Nazis in Germany vandalized Jewish businesses, schools, and homes.
Today, in America, radical Leftist groups in California, Oregon, and Washington State, and other States around the Country, use similar tactics against their enemies. As in Germany at that time eighty years ago, police here at home in the U.S. have, in many instances, also stood by. Rank and file municipal police officers were ordered by their superiors to “stand down;” to watch, observe, but not to contain the mob violence occurring on the streets. There are several instances of police inaction during the rioting.
In California, on the UC Berkeley Campus, on February 2017, police in riot gear, stood by as rioters damaged buildings and assaulted individuals. In Seattle, Washington, on March 2018, police stood by as demonstrators blocked traffic, causing massive gridlock. In Portland, Oregon, on August 2018, angry protestors damaged automobiles and berated employees leaving the Federal Immigration and Customs Building because the Mayor of the City, Ted Wheeler, had ordered police to “stand down.”
In each case, City Officials sheepishly, speciously and peculiarly declared, among other things, that more violence would have ensued if police had taken action to uphold the law. Really?

But, what is really taking place in America, today?


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