Monday, November 5, 2018

Watch: Body Language Expert Compares Obama Now vs Then, Sees Alarming Difference   By Benjamin Arie November 5, 2018 

Words can be manipulated, especially by skilled politicians. Delivering a message that promotes a goal — even if it means stretching the truth — is something every career politician can do on cue, and there’s nobody more skilled at this than Barack Obama.

Nobody disputes that the former president is a good speaker. Indeed, it was has speech during the 2004 Democrat National Convention that catapulted him onto the national stage.

But even the best speech-makers cannot totally hide their body language. Like a professional poker player with a “tell” that reveals his bluffs, even master manipulators like Obama communicate a lot by how they act … and one self-described body language expert has noticed something very interesting about the 44th president.

The former president has been stumping for Democrats over the last week, campaigning for liberal candidates
in places like Miami to drag his party’s candidates over the finish line in the midterm election.

His words were familiar, with plenty of fear-mongering and scolding to go around. But the nonverbal communication analyst behind the popular “Bombard’s Body Language” video series noticed that there is a stark contrast between the Obama who won two White House bids, and the one trying to rescue Democrats now.

“This is not the same Barack Obama that we have seen,” the expert began in a detailed analysis of the former president’s recent rally appearance. “His head goes down a lot more, in that downward position … it’s like a defeatist position,” she said.

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