Thursday, January 10, 2019

Law Professor: Sorry Democrats, Trump Has The Power To Declare A National Emergency For A Border Wall     Matt Vespa Posted: Jan 10, 2019 

He said he would do it. With the government shutdown and congressional Democrats unwilling to let go of their anti-border security views, the president said he would declare a national emergency to get parts of the border wall built. Of course, Democrats flipped a lid. It would be a constitutional crisis if President Trump did so. It’s unconstitutional. It would make Trump a king. It could foster the beginning of the end of America. Yeah, so the Democratic freak-out was just a typical day. Yet, constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley added that Trump actually has the power to declare emergencies and that the Democratic response is somewhat interesting since they had zero problems, of course, with Obama circumventing the legislature on immigration, health care, and Libya (via The Hill)


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