Wednesday, January 9, 2019

WaPo: Actually, Trump Is Right. There Is A Crisis At The Border Matt Vespa  Jan 09, 2019

After having a momentary panic attack (for some odd reason), the media aired President Trump’s nine-minute address to the nation, where he addressed the crisis at the border. Migrant children have died. The facilities holding these migrants are becoming overwhelmed. It’s a problem. Everyone knows it, except the liberal media. The growing humanitarian crisis aside, the liberal media being serially wrong is becoming a hallmark characteristic of an industry that has become an opposition press to Republicans. Bloated with progressives still sour over Hillary Clinton’s 2016 defeat, they have time and again been proven utterly wrong in their reporting from this White House. From bashing Trump for not visiting the troops on Christmas to saying how he’s the first president since Bush 41 to not take questions on his first trip to China, the press has become so bloodied by all the rake-stepping they’ve become an unrecognizable mess. Obama didn’t take questions on his first trip. Yeah, remember him? Also, Trump visited the troops in Iraq on Christmas Day. These people suck—and they always will. But it’s especially embarrassing when you can’t report on Trump feeding koi fish accurately (yes, that happened) or that a lot of Trump’s immigration enforcement measures, like separating the kids and adults upon arrest at the border, are actually a continuation of Obama-era policies. And yes, the Border Patrol shot tear gas into cords of migrants when he was president.

Now, there is a crisis at the border. And once again, they’re wrong. And to make this fail even more delicious, here’s CNN and others saying there is no crisis. CNN’s is even more embarrassing because you have the hosts saying no crisis, while the network’s chyron says otherwise. The Washington Free Beacon did their magic as usual: 

Do Cable News Pundits Read the WaPo or the NYT? 

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