Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Coming out with snarkey remarks....I hope I live long enough to see her taken down...jailed..!

Clinton snarks at Giuliani: 'Yes, I am famously under-scruntinized'    By Abbey Marshall

Hillary Clinton sparred with Rudy Giuliani after the personal attorney to Donald Trump deflected accusations of his potentially inappropriate involvement in the Ukraine scandal that has engulfed the Trump presidency. 

“(The Washington Post), NBC, and CNN are going after me because I’m the messenger, and covering up the message, Dem corruption,” Giuliani tweeted on Tuesday afternoon. “Meanwhile, they have yet to ask Biden difficult questions because he is protected and immune like the Clintons and crooked Clinton Foundation!”
The tweet came after Giuliani was issued a subpoena Monday as part of House Democrats’ rapidly intensifying impeachment inquiry into Trump's attempts to pressure Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden and his son. This week, the outspoken attorney lawyered up, tapping former Watergate prosecutor and assistant U.S. attorney Jon Sale.
Clinton quote-tweeted Giuliani’s statement and jested, “Yes, I am famously under-scrutinized.”

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