Thursday, October 31, 2019

Why Do Americans Spend More On Halloween Than Politics?
10/31/2019  Source: American Update 

Why Do Americans Spend More On Halloween Than Politics?  Wikimedia Commons 
According to new figures, Americans spend more money on Halloween than they do on important political causes and candidates. As The Western Journal reports:

As our kids fight over candy and costumes, Halloween 2019 is set to be scarily expensive. According to the National Retail Federation, total Halloween spending will exceed $8.5 billion this year, with nearly 70 percent of Americans planning to celebrate the annual sugar bonanza...

Meanwhile, political spending during a two-year election cycle pales in comparison to the holiday splurge that defines American consumerism. Election 2016’s final price tag — the heftiest in U.S. history — was about $6.8 billion for all federal elections (and an estimated $1 billion is double-counted)...

Despite the left’s constant fearmongering about “money in politics,” Americans are showing they care more about picking the right costume and chowing down Snickers bars than participating in the political process...

But that doesn’t stop Bernie Sanders from pledging to “transform our political system by rejecting the influence of big corporate money.” Or consider Democratic Rep. Jason Crow of Colorado, who has introduced the End Dark Money Act, purportedly “to bring transparency to the political activity” but realistically to stymie political activity he doesn’t support.
This discrepancy could be a big problem for conservative candidates and organizations fighting for American liberty in a Washington DC swamp which is currently flooded with money from Democrat billionaires like George Soros.

If Americans want to see more conservative candidates help President Trump drain the swamp they will have to find a way to financiailly support them. 

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