Friday, November 1, 2019

Ken Starr does go on to say that even it will be very difficult for Schiff to justify his behavior.

Starr, who is the former Whitewater independent his thoughts on Adam Schiffs impeachment inquiry

If Adam Schiff has his way, President Trump will be removed from office and thrown in prison.

He is running a secret court to try to achieve that sick goal.

But he was left speechless when the last person expected ended his career.

If there’s anybody who knows about corruption, it’s Ken Starr, who is the former Whitewater independent counsel.

He knows how to run an actual investigation of national importance.

And he had a few choice words for Adam Schiff, who is hoping to take out President Trump with his
behind closed-doors impeachment inquiry.
Starr points out that the way Schiff is operating his investigation will not be looked upon in a positive light in the history books.

According to Starr, Schiff is going completely away from tradition in
his coup attempt against President Trump.

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