Thursday, April 29, 2021

OH..! It's OK when BLM or ANTIFA does it....!

 Black Lives Matter Rioters Invaded The Capitol  Apr 21, 2021  The Liberty Revolution

( Democrats might soon need to walk back their claims that the January 6 Capitol Riots were a violent insurrection, now that Black Lives Matter protesters invaded the Oklahoma Capitol building while the state House of Representatives were in session.

It’s exactly what happened in Washington, D.C. on January 6, and so far the national media and the Democrats are ignoring it – presumably because they know if more people knew about it, their hypocrisy would be exposed.

Video clips and photographs show how protesters in Oklahoma on April 21 poured into the Capitol building and filled a gallery on the fifth floor, chanting “Black Lives Matter” as the state legislators were in session.

Because of their intimidating behavior, the House was forced to go into lockdown – and not the COVID kind of lockdown – to protect legislators from potential violence.

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