Wednesday, May 5, 2021

I find it hard to believe Biden doesn't know.....I think he just doesn't CARE...!!

Ron DeSantis

Prior to Joe Biden’s administration, when a convicted criminal alien was released from prison, ICE would send them back to their home country. Now, convicted criminal aliens are no longer being deported, they’re being released back into our communities!

As Biden dismantles the Trump border policies that worked, the situation at our southern border has devolved into a huge catastrophe with national consequences. GOP leaders like me are filing suit against Biden’s administration to protect our communities from their reckless policy, but we can’t do it alone. 
Friend, this issue is a no brainer. Biden cannot simply default on his responsibility to enforce the law under the Constitution. It’s not only a dereliction of duty, it’s a direct threat to the safety and security of our communities.

Biden has failed on illegal immigration and rule of law, and GOP governors are the last line of defense against Biden’s most dangerous policies. Please stand with us today. 


Dan said...

I have no doubt that a competent Biden simply wouldn't care the reality is he is NOT competent. He is for us most part unaware if reality. He is doing what his handlers are coaching him to do.....and his chief coach and handler is the scrunt he is married too who is passing along the instructions from Soros etc.

Pappy said...

And I think "Osama obama" has a lot to say to him as well, I read where they talk almost daily....That's NOT good..!