Wednesday, May 12, 2021


J** Br***s

Congratulations idiots of America, the Democrat’s have elected a complete idiot in as President just because they didn’t like the way Trump talked and he hurt their sensitive feelings.

Biden has basically destroyed this Country in 90 days.

China, Russia, North Korea and Iraq know our leadership is extremely WEAK and they are capitalizing on it.

Just 90 days in we have a boarder crisis like we’ve never seen, a MAJOR oil pipeline has fell victim of a cyber attack from Russia. Iraq is trying to disrupt oil shipments causing American war ships to fire warning shots at them and China says we have a chip shortage that’s completely crippled the American automotive industry.

Y’all are so damn focused on the BS the media has fed y’all you haven’t even noticed these major issues. Y’all are to focused on this cancel culture, gender equality, systematic racism and Police “brutality” BS to even see the MAJOR issues at hand.

Just think back, we had 4 years with no new wars, lowest black unemployment numbers ever seen, energy independence, nothing heard out of Rocket Man, three separate peace deals signed in the Middle East under Trump, but he hurt your feelings.

I could care less about your feelings, I want my Country protected and our economy strong !!!


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