Saturday, October 23, 2021

Like the blades from "Wind turbines", which are being buried out west in the desert because they are TOXIC and can't be recycled..!!! How are wind turbine blades burned in landfills?

This is a garbage dump near Paris, France with hundreds of electrically powered cars.

Mind you, these are only cars used by the city of Paris and not personal vehicles.
They all have the same problem,.... the battery storage cells have gone and need to be replaced.
Why don't you just replace them?
Two reasons.. n
Firstly, the batteries cost almost double what the car costs new, and secondly, no landfill or waste processor will allow the batteries to be disposed of there.
So these green electric fairy tale cars are all on set-aside grounds while their batteries drain toxic substances to the ground.
Still think we should turn green????

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