Thursday, January 27, 2022

  YouTube Permanently Bans Dan Bongino – But He Gets The Last Laugh   BY RUSTY WEISS  JANUARY 27, 2022

YouTube has permanently banned conservative radio host Dan Bongino after the platform said he violated their rules by uploading a video titled ‘Why I’m Leaving YouTube’ while serving a seven-day suspension for alleged COVID misinformation.

A spokesperson for YouTube told The Hill that Bongino supposedly tried to evade the suspension, which resulted in the permanent ban.

According to the report, Bongino had a secondary channel suspended for violating YouTube’s COVID-19 misinformation policy.

While that suspension was ongoing, the radio host purportedly violated YouTube’s rules by trying to upload another video on his main channel – thus evading the suspension.

Ironically, the video Bongino uploaded to his main channel was entitled, “Why I’m Leaving YouTube.”

“We terminated Dan Bongino’s channels for circumventing our Terms of Service by posting a video while there was an active strike and suspension associated with the account,” the 
spokesperson said.

“When a channel receives a strike, it is against our Terms of Service to post
content or use another channel to circumvent the suspension

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