Hillary Clinton’s Super PAC isn’t waiting around to unleash the politics of personal destruction against Republican front runner Donald Trump.
Her campaign is acting right now to smear the billionaire businessman with nasty TV attack ads.
Hillary has to drag this election into the gutter with personal attacks because her record on issues and disapproval numbers with the electorate are abysmal.
Politico reports:
“Hillary Clinton’s biggest super PAC has already reserved $70 million in TV ads after this summer’s conventions in battleground states, but the group is preparing for an even earlier assault on Donald Trump — possibly while he is still busy battling his fellow Republicans to secure his party’s nomination.
 Guy Cecil, chief strategist for the pro-Clinton super PAC, Priorities USA Action, said he watched for months as Republicans let Trump carve out his place within the Republican Party relatively unimpeded. He has no plans to allow for a general election repeat.
  “We learned that you can’t wait until the last minute to go after Trump,” Cecil told POLITICO in a wide-ranging interview.”