Friday, October 17, 2014

REMEMBER.....They only make up about 13% of the total women and children

Rebellion Against White America Has Been Called
CNN Interview with Malik Shabazz last month. Before we proceed into this story about how the rebellion has been called against White America, Downtrend contributor Robert Gehl reminded us that there really will be  no race war.
There won’t be a “race war” in America. Not anytime soon. Don’t let the extremists on both sides fool you.
They want you to believe that Blacks across the country will rise up and start slitting throats if Darren Wilson isn’t indicted. Some on the extreme left will tell you whites will get what’s coming to them. Some on the extreme right will say something like the “uppity negroes” deserve to be “put in their place” or worse. Don’t believe either of them.
The fake “outrage” is being led by Marxists and cultural leftists on one side and white supremacists on the other. Both want conflict. Both are eager for confrontation and many want bloodshed.
But for the rest of us, life goes on.

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