Monday, October 13, 2014

This Top Marine General Just Courageously Broke Rank To Deliver A Crushing Blow To Obama...saying something that his own Commander-in-Chief might not like to hear.     Norvell Rose

Gen. Kelly
Without a doubt, a highly decorated, four-star Marine Corps General has courage and conviction. But this particular Marine — Gen. John Kelly, head of the U.S. Southern Command — has demonstrated real guts by coming right out and saying something that his own Commander-in-Chief might not like to hear.
While President Obama calls for more health screenings at a handful of U.S. airports, Gen. Kelly argues that the real threat of a domestic Ebola outbreak could come sweeping across the southern border…which has nothing to do with air travel into the United States. reports on a “Katie bar the door” speech that this top military commander recently gave at the National Defense University, predicting that Ebola will not be contained to West African countries:
…and if infected people flee those countries and spread the disease to Central and South America, it could cause “mass migration into the United States” of those seeking treatment.
“If it breaks out, it’s literally, ‘Katie bar the door.’”
In reporting on Gen. Kelly’s warning about a possible flood of Ebola-infected illegal immigrants, the Daily Mail noted Kelly’s often-stated concern about the Obama administration’s lax border security policies worsening the Ebola problem for the United States:
Making matters potentially worse, Kelly warned that the same human trafficking networks responsible for bringing illegal immigrants northward through Mexico could unwittingly pass Ebola to the U.S. through their human cargo.
In chilling congressional testimony earlier this year, Gen. Kelly took aim at Obama’s border security and immigration policies he said could present an “existential threat” to the United States:
Kelly warned that neglect has created vulnerabilities that can be exploited by terrorist groups, describing a “crime-terror convergence” already seen in Lebanese Hezbollah’s involvement in the region.
Add to that concern the General’s current warning about a potential flood of Ebola-carrying border jumpers, and you can see why one must salute this top Marine for having the courage and the conviction to speak out in such a direct and uncompromising way.

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Dan said...

Expect Kelly's resignation to be announced shortly. NOBODY in the military publicly contradicts the Ego In Chief and keeps their rank or job. O has purged dozens and dozens of our best and brightest military officers in a quest for a command structure he can count on to rubber stamp his incompetence and criminality. Ability as a soldier is irrelevant. Loyalty to the administration agenda is ALL that matters.