Saturday, October 18, 2014

Utah National Guard Apologizes, Investigates Possible Involvement Of Servicemen In Risque Shoot Video                  October 18 2014 

A screenshot from a behind the scenes video of the 2015 Hot Shots Calendar. Youtube/Hot Shots Calendar                  

A risqué video showing women firing weapons and riding in tanks at a Utah target range has sparked an investigation by the National Guard, who suspect that some of their equipment and officers may be involved, officials said Friday. The photo shoot in conservative Utah featuring the bikini-clad women were reportedly to appear in the 2015 “Hot Shots Calendar.”

Lt. Col. Steven Fairbourn said that the National Guard had not any given any permission for such a project and that an investigation is underway, The Associated Press reported. The Utah Department of Public Safety reportedly believed that two of their officers were apparently wearing their uniforms for the shoot, while the National Guard also suspected that one of their officers was involved in the shoot.
"Two of our folks were involved in this, and that's the only involvement right now, we believe from discussions,” Capt. Doug McCleave of the Public Safety Department said, according to Reuters. "The question we're looking at is why they wore their uniforms."
"What it looks like is that a couple of good officers made a bad decision,” McCleave reportedly said. "Keeping everything in perspective, a lack of judgment is what we're concerned with.”
The video, which was reportedly shot at a private gun club located about 35 miles west of Salt Lake City, was reportedly criticized by both the agencies.
"Productions of this kind are not in keeping with the values of the Utah National Guard nor its members," the National Guard, reportedly said in a statement.
"The Utah National Guard apologizes for any embarrassment that this incident may have caused for its members, their families, and the community and is continuing its ongoing investigation of this matter.”
Here is a "behind the scenes" video of the Hot Shots Calendar.

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