Thursday, April 30, 2015

I feel for the children, BUT....Who's fault is it that the city is the way it is ?? Always someone else's fault

Baltimore Children Express Fears, Frustrations

The children of the Reservoir Hill section of Baltimore play less than a mile away from the CVS that was set ablaze during violent protests on Monday. They say that they have had enough; they are ready to see change in their neighborhood.
"I feel mad because they [looters] are destroying our community," 11-year-old Asia told NBCBLK.
Asia's grandmother used to get her medications at the devastated CVS and it makes her nervous to think about what her grandmother will now have to do to pick up her prescriptions.
"It makes me feel sad and scared because people are blowing things up," said nine-year-old Ma'qui. "They [looters] are blowing things up, they are throwing bricks at cops, and they was right around the corner from my home and that made me feel unsafe and scared."
Ma'qui said her mother has been crying over the safety of Ma'qui and her siblings all week.
"The people that are rioting, I would like them to change for the better not the worse," said 11-year-old Jamel. He doesn't understand why protestors would get violent even after the Gray family publicly denounced looting in response to their son's death.
"I want to live in a place that's not trash. I want to only live in a clean city," said six-year old Dante.
Dante said he is mad and doesn't feel like he can trust policemen.
Asia, Ma'qui, Jamel, and Dante are just four of the forty-two children in Reservoir Hill that attend an afterschool program for kids ages 5 to 14 at the St. Francis Neighborhood Center where they do their homework, make art, play, and are fed dinner during the week. And to     the above paragraph, "where  are the      parents" ??    

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