Sunday, April 26, 2015

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Guess Who Is Required to Disarm Americans If Asked

We’re starting to see some disturbing signs of the Federal government looking for opportunities to set the stage to gain more forceful control of the American populace.
For example, a former Navy SEAL got out of the military shortly after he and his fellow SEALs were told to sign papers saying that they would be willing to go door-to-door disarming Americans or that they would lose their positions. This situation happened in 1996, but we’re hearing reports of this situation happening again.
That, in addition to testing and training of urban infiltration and warfare procedures, most recently Jade Helm, point to a government looking to prepare for opportunities to hold it’s citizens in a Soviet-style control situation.
Think you can trust the government to not use the skills that they develop in these trainings against us? So did Japanese-Americans during WWII among other situations.  There is an historical precedent for why we should be concerned.
Listen to the Navy SEAL below.


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