Wednesday, September 30, 2015


High school questionnaire: Do your parents own guns?


Students prodded on family's 2nd Amendment views

Hendrickson High School officials in Pflugerville, Texas, have angered some parents with a questionnaire distributed to students that asks, point-blank, if their family members own guns.
The questionnaire then goes on to probe what the guns are used for – hunting, self-defense, sports or something else entirely, EAG News reported.
And on top of that, students are then asked to identify their parents’ or caretakers’ political leanings, and to list, on a scale of 1-to-10, how conservative versus liberal they are.
Among the specific questions: “Does you family own any guns?” “If so, how many?” “What is their purpose?”
On that last, students are allowed to check “other,” but then asked to “please describe,” EAG News said.
The questionnaire then asks students what they “associate with guns,” and asked to check their top three: “Protection, danger, safety, law enforcement, hunting/sports, freedom, fear, military, fun.”


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