Monday, September 28, 2015

Hero Teen Who Defended Blind Classmate From Bully is SUSPENDED and Kicked Off Football Team

The teen who saved his blind classmate from a bully has been suspended from school and kicked off the football team for his actions.
The video above shows the moment the heroic teen knocks the bully to the ground.
The video begins with the bully beating the noticeably upset and frightened blind boy before hero teen Cody Pines jumps in and knocks the bully to the ground with a single punch.
The bully goes down and blood can be seen running from his face.
“You trying to jump a f—— blind kid, bro?” the teen yells at the bully. “What the f— is your problem?”
At the end of the video, Cody tells the bully “I swear to God, if you f— with this kid again, I will f— you up.”


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