Thursday, March 10, 2016

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Fabrizio: Trump Can Stop Hillary in 'Ugliest Campaign Ever'
Voter perceptions of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are so negative they appear virtually unprecedented in the modern political era, according to veteran strategist and pollster Tony Fabrizio.
"I would venture to say that historically we've never had a presidential campaign start off with both major party candidates in such bad shape, image-wise, as these two are going to start out," Fabrizio tells Newsmax.
Wednesday afternoon's release of the latest Newsmax/Fabrizio, Lee & Associates online survey shows both front-runners face a major task rebuilding their respective reputations. In fact, of the 1,500 registered voters who were surveyed online, 24 percent stated that they disliked both candidates.
When voters were asked what they liked least about Trump, 24 percent described him as either "arrogant," "rude," "a bully," "a jerk," or as someone who brags too much.
But Clinton fared even worse. When asked what they liked least about Clinton, 32 percent of voters said she was "dishonest" or "untrustworthy," or "lies."


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