Monday, March 7, 2016

The Plan That Makes Trump President Wayne Allyn Root | Mar 07, 2016

I was the first national political commentator to see the potential of Donald Trump. I believed Trump could win the nomination when only two people in all of America believed it- me and Trump. I wrote about it at last June.
I was the first to compare Trump to Reagan.
I was the first to talk publicly about Trump’s appeal to blue-collar working class Americans.
So I think I am in perfect position to make some suggestions to the Trump campaign. Here’s my plan to “close the deal” for the man who wrote "The Art of the Deal."
First Trump can put the race away today by going to John Kasich through a third party to make the following offer: “John you’re not winning the nomination. There is no clear path for anyone but me to win the nomination. I’m about to open my wallet and spend $100 million to finish this race once and for all. I want you as my Vice President.

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