Sunday, November 13, 2016

Heidi Solomon-Orlick‎ to Women's March on Washington- Pennsylvania Chapter
WE MADE THE NEW YORK TIMES! This event is starting to gain a lot of traction. Rosie and I are so excited by
your interest and enthusiasm. We are working this weekend to finalize the structure of how we will coordinate transportation. More info will be coming soon! Please share and forward our link to all of your friends.

Million Women March being planned for January 21, 2017 in D.C.

 On Friday, January 20 in Washington D.C., Donald Trump will be sworn in as the nation’s 45th president. The next day, a demonstration that aims to bring a million women and feminists to the nation’s capital will formally protest his inauguration as commander-in-chief. The idea for the mass protest, which will see marchers begin at the Lincoln Memorial and finish outside of the White House, is nascent — basic plans for the demonstration began popping up on Facebook within the last 24 hours. It appears the organizers are launching Facebook groups in individual states — so far 16 states have pages on the social media network. Organizers seemed to have some technical difficulties with the national page, so one of the local pages has been converted to what will now served as the national page.


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