Monday, November 14, 2016

To parents out there paying for your childrens college THIS WHAT YOU ARE PAYING FOR THEM TO LEARN ? a classroom full of 'snowflakes, sissies and a**holes" ???

This is just a short excerpt from a post on "FREE NORTH CAROLINA's blog titled  'Tolerant' educators exile Trump voters from campus Read the rest on his blog

 The response to the shock has been to turn campuses into kindergarten. The University of Michigan Law School announced a ”post-election self-care” event with “food and play,” including “coloring sheets, play dough [sic], positive card-making, Legos and bubbles with your fellow law students.”

(Embarrassed by the attention, UM Law scrubbed the announcement from its website, perhaps concerned that people would wonder if its graduates would require Legos and bubbles in the event of stressful litigation.)

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