Controversy continues to swirl around Attorney General Loretta Lynch.
Over the summer, she met with Bill Clinton aboard her government airplane, leading many critics to believe the fix was in on the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.
And now – with just months remaining in her term – she has created another firestorm.
In the final years of the Obama administration, liberals placed so-called “criminal justice reform” at the top of their agenda.
From Barack Obama on down, the left believes our criminal justice system is inherently biased against blacks and other minorities.
So-called “mass incarceration” is now one of the top buzzwords among liberals and misguided conservatives.
Before the election, a bill many conservatives deemed a “get out jail free legislation” was gaining steam in Congress.
Speaker Paul Ryan would often tout his support for criminal justice reform as evidence the GOP could appeal to Democrat leaning voters.
But in the wake of Donald Trump’s election, releasing thousands of dangerous criminals is dead upon arrival.
Trump campaigned on restoring law-and-order and the respect for our police officers.
Buzzfeed reports: