Thursday, February 23, 2017

Polls: Despite Media Onslaught, Americans Support T  rump on Immigration and Refugees, Economic Optimism Rises   Guy Benson Posted: Feb 22, 2017

Polls: Despite Media Onslaught, Americans Support Trump on Immigration and Refugees, Economic Optimism Rises
The Trump administration has released a new slate of executive orders pertaining to immigration. As Katie reviewed yesterday, one represents a second crack at the initial 'travel ban' directive that cleans up some of the original document's glaring flaws. While credible legal scholars believe that several federal courts erred in blocking the policy, the updated version will ease the burden of judicial scrutiny, and mitigate some of the public relations vulnerabilities that fueled nationwide protests at international airports -- although hostile media coverage and large demonstrations never translated into widespread public opposition. Indeed, a new Harvard-Harris nationwide survey taken prior to the new order's release finds that a majority of Americans (53 percent) support the president's original policy.  According to The Hill, "fifty-six percent say they support the specific aspect of Trump’s order that pauses immigration from the seven countries on the terrorism watch list until a new vetting system is in place. Support for that policy goes up to 60 percent when the seven nations are described as 'Muslim majority countries.'" Then there is the order pertaining to domestic immigration enforcement. Former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy examines the specifics and writes that the primary departure from Obama-era practices is that large classes of illegal immigrants are no longer effectively immune to deportation:

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