Thursday, February 22, 2018

FL Shooting Hero Calls Out CNN, 'Scripted Questions'
By Nicholas Fondacaro | February 22, 2018

Video thumbnail for School shooting survivor refused to ask 'scripted' question during CNN town hall

The Wednesday CNN town hall promoting gun bans and moderated by
Jake Tapper was arguably a train wreck from the beginning. Between a
it was out of control. But in the wee hours of Thursday morning,
things got worse for the anti-gun network when the local Florida ABC
affiliate WPLG-TV reported that CNN had been planting questions.

The whistleblower was Colton Haab, a student at Marjory Stoneman
Douglas High School who heroically shielded his fellow students from
the bullets with sheets of Kevlar and was a member of the Junior ROTC
program. “I expected to be able to ask my questions and give my
opinion on my questions,” Haab told reporter Janine Stanwood.

“CNN had originally asked me to write a speech and questions, and it
ended up being all scripted,” Haab added. “I don’t think that it’s going
to get anything accomplished. It’s not going to ask the true questions
that all the parents and teachers and students have.”

Stanwood noted that being given scripted questions was something
Haab couldn’t stand for: “Colton wrote questions about school safety,
suggested using veterans as armed school security guards, but
claims CNN wanted him to ask a scripted question instead. So he
decided not to go.”

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