Friday, February 23, 2018

guns are NOT the problem..........

The school shooting in Florida was a terrible thing...yes !...but remember, it was done by a young man who obviously has mental problems, but it was carried out by a person, the gun just happened to be his weapon of choice. He could just as well have used an automobile. a hammer, baseball bat or a knife etc. this article below is from 4 years ago, 2014, and he used a knife to attack 24 people, fortunately none were killed, but ask yourself, how was he able to stab 24 students without being stopped ? In situations like this, things happen very quickly. Bad or troubled people determined to do bad things....

24 Injured In Stabbing At Franklin Regional High School
April 9th 2014   Near Pittsburg Pa.

Police and paramedics are on the scene of a stabbing at Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville.

MURRYSVILLE (KDKA/AP) – At least 24 people have been injured in a stabbing at Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville.
The attack occurred in crowded hallways just minutes before the start of school.
Westmoreland County updated the victim count late Wednesday evening, saying 24 people had been injured. (21 students stabbed, 1 security guard stabbed, and 2 others injured)
At least five students were critically wounded, including a boy who was on a ventilator after a knife pierced his liver, missing his heart and aorta by only millimeters, doctors said. An injured school officer was discharged.
A school security guard called in the stabbing at 7:13 a.m.
Witnesses said the boy with the knives at first tackled a freshman and stabbed him in the belly, then got up and ran wildly down the hall, slashing other students.


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