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Parkland Survivor Fudges This Statistic In Essay Promoting Gun Control    Matt Vespa Mar 27, 2018 

Parkland Survivor Fudges This Statistic In Essay Promoting Gun Control

As a First Amendment supporter, the survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting have a right to say what they want. On February 14, Nikolas Cruz shot and killed 17 people. Federal, state, and local officials could have stopped him. His firearms could have been taken away with a proper court order. Better yet, he could have been barred from purchasing the AR-15 rifle if state and local officials had committed him for reportedly cutting himself; Cruz and his girlfriend split in 2016 which prompted this behavior. Commitment for mental evaluation would have shown up on a background check, but that didn’t happen. The police were called to his house over 30 times, some cases they were told Cruz had threatened people before with guns, even pointing them at people’s heads. The FBI was given a tip on January 5. They didn’t forward it to their Miami office. The government failed here. It wasn’t the AR-15 or lax gun laws; the laws weren’t even enforced. Liberals worship at the altar of government, which failed to keep these kids safe. Where’s that in the national televised news media? Now, that’s established, let’s delve into what Emma Gonzalez, one of leading voices of this new gun control movement, said in her essay for Teen Vogue.
Again, I get the legislative goals, but when the Left says they don’t wan to ban all guns; it’s a gun ban. When they want common sense gun control, it’s laying down the foundation for just that. We can’t trust them. The March for Our Lives rally in D.C. pointed that out, where hordes of signs called for gun bans and the abolition of the Second Amendment. Also, Delaney Tarr, another leader and Marjory Stoneman student, said when they give us an inch, they’ll take a mile in reference to the Trump administration's recent move to ban bump stocks. That’s all you need to know—and that’s how the Left operates in general. Gonzalez says that getting shot is one of the biggest threats to teens. She’s not wrong, but it makes it seem as if this country has become a shooting gallery with this fudged statistic. Put it another way, it may be one of the biggest threats, but it's nowhere near the levels she insinuates in her essay:


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