Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Foul Mouthed Punk Boss Hogg Cusses Out Illinois Governor

One benefit of the media obsession with the children of illegal aliens and the fruitbats who are demanding the abolishment of ICE is that it has elbowed the Fab Five from Parkland out of the news cycle.
There has been precious little coverage of the opportunistic little swine David Hogg who cynically exploited the deaths of fifteen of his classmates who were massacred by a deranged school shooter to promote himself as a political player.
There was nothing hotter than Hogg for three straight months until the bullying little prick began to wear out his welcome by being overly obnoxious and incapable of simply sticking to the anti-gun talking points which grew old and largely backfired on the groups that were underwriting Hogg. The Democrats would soon move on to calling for violence against Trump administration figures and crafting their attack to appeal to those sympathetic to open borders, mass amnesty and the war on cops.
Following the release of his ghostwritten book Never Again and the launching of a summer barnstorming bus tour, it’s been crickets as far as Boss Hogg is concerned.
Until Saturday when he inserted himself into a conflict between Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel over the shutting down of a major Windy City highway for an anti-gun/racial grievance mob action on Saturday morning.
The pernicious little scum-sucker and his communist classmate Emma Gonzalez used the march to wedge their way back into the spotlight with missives to their Twitter followers:
.@GovRauner should care about the guns coming in from other states considering most guns used in Chicago crimes are found to have been trafficked in.

Illinois is more strict on fireworks than guns and the youth are the ones paying for it. @GovRauner help save lives

Then seeing his opening Hogg did what every liberal does by spewing profanity at the governor in another tweet:
You know what's unacceptable is the fact that over 150 kids under the age of 21 have died since the beginning of the school year in Chicago and you can’t name a single fucking one.

That’s the modern Democratic party and their celeb activists for you. They are incapable of crafting a rational argument and instead speak in gutter trash terms that basically amount to a noun, a verb and the word “Fuck” or some variation of it.
It seems to be a pretty desperate play by Hogg to regain some of the limelight and in taking sides with Mayor Emanuel he continues to show that he is no transformational figure at all but rather just one of the cast of millions of inarticulate angry losers who need their mouths washed out with soap.
Try as he may, the punk’s fifteen minutes of have already passed and he has outlasted his shelf life.

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