Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Ever wondered? What Makes Someone Decide to Be a Conservative or Liberal, a Statist or Libertarian?
Politically aware people generally understand the policy differences between conservative and liberals (as they are currently defined, not classical liberals).

For those who don’t follow politics, there’s an
accurateand amusingguide from Playboy that explains the difference between Republicans and Democrats. Warning- strong language.

And it includes libertarians and greens as well, which is a nice touch for those of us with unconventional views

But what actually causes someone to pick an ideology?
In February, I
shared a bunch of research that looked at how various personal characteristics are associated with – and may even cause – political differences.

This is interesting research. Though I suspect it irks many of us, regardless of our philosophical orientation, since it implies that our views aren’t necessarily the result of reason.

According to
an article in Business Insider, this type of research even shows that differences extend beyond politics.

…what in the brains of conservative and liberal voters actually drive their belief systems? Scientists have been researching the psychological differences between people with different stances, and there are a few key ways that people on opposite ends of the political spectrum see the world.

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