Monday, September 24, 2018

Scrubbed Social Media Accounts: What is Christine Blasey Ford trying to hide?

Scrubbed Her Social Media Accounts: What is Christine Blasey Ford trying to hide?

Christine Blasey Ford’s accusations towards Kavanaugh are completely off the wall.

Before she came forward, out of the shadows, her social media accounts were scrubbed.

Nothing adds up about this story and many holes are popping up all throughout her accusations.

The letter started in the hands of Dianne Feinstein who mentioned the anonymous letter from an alleged incident that happened 30+ years ago from an anonymous person who didn’t want to step forward.

I gather this bought democrats enough time to get their story straight and to scrub

Blasey Ford’s social media accounts. Why scrub them, what are they hiding?

I have a heart for sexually abused women, I really do. But I do not believe that this is a true or honest accusation. This looks like a play out of the democrat’s playbook to keep Kavanaugh, a pro-life Judge out of the Supreme Court.

This woman has no recollection of where she was when the “incident” happened or how she got home. She also never told anyone because she “didn’t want to get in trouble.”

And answer this for me, why are all of these “sexually abused” women who are stepping forward supporters of the Democratic party?

Blasey Ford also participated in the Women’s March with pink p***y hats that she helped make.

Obviously her social media accounts were scrubbed of her leftist activities and comments so that her political agenda wouldn’t be known and thus, would make a stronger case.

Via American Thinker:

Turns out her present politics has a lot to do with what we are seeing. She’s a fanatic Bay Area far-left activist. She donated cash to ShareBlue, a generic Democratic front for cash-raising of the Obama-hipster variety. On Twitter, there was some talk (unverified) that she gave $5,000 to Hillary Clinton, and a more reliable report from reporter Ryan Saavedra that she gave money to Bernie Sanders, the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

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cannon said...

so two can play that game.
Kavanaugh supporters need to find 4 of his classmates with less than stellar scruples. one will be willing to swear under oath thatm he was with his buddy bret, at the beach on the day the alleged assult happened. the other three will need to swear they are the three who were at the party, and two(of their choice) were the ones who did the groping.
then watch liberal heads explode.