Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Federal Prosecutor Comes Forward, Sends Obama Slithering Back Into Hole He Crawled Out Of
 The American Patriot

The dirty Dems are at it again as a Federal Prosecutor comes to the rescue and puts Barack Obama back in his place.
Apparently, Barack Obama, former president of the United States, did not have enough of the political realm as he continues to backlash at the Republicans and President Trump every chance he gets.

He has now dusted off the cobwebs and joined in on the campaign trail attacking President Trump.

His desperate actions are in response to the failure among the Democrats in the 2018 election. Their behavior is quite pathetic.

The 240-year-old tradition has now been ripped to shreds as Barack attacks his successor, and it’s definitely not for the good of the country either.

We have clear evidence from former
Federal Prosecutor Sidney Powell. Powell recently went on Lou Dobbs tonight and exposed Barack Obama for the crooked Democrat he truly is.


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Anonymous said...

Barky will NOT be in his 'place' until he takes up permanent residence in a federal prison.