Thursday, March 26, 2020

This post is written by a cousin of mine, she lives in FLORIDA and she's steamed over all the posts about "why the governor hasn't SHUT Florida down" I'm posting it because I think she's right on point, I just got back from Florida and can attest for most of this whole scenario....!!

J****n C**k J*****n   March 24th 2020  
Trigger warning. Some of you may not like my opinion

All I see as I scroll on is.. "stay home", "we're going to have to stay in longer bc people won't stay in", "can't people just stay home", "people don't listen", "it would all be over if people would just stay home", etc... Also, "shut FL down", "DeSantis has really dropped the ball", "why won't Ron shut us down!!!", Etc...

Everyone is practically begging for socialism.. but that's not what my post is about.

I went to the bank a few days ago. To the bank home. Didn't get out, went through the drive-thru ATM, wiped down afterwards.

I saw hardly anyone... It looked like a ghost town! Straight down 441 to Wells Fargo in front of Lowe's.. there were a few people at Lowe's. Most of the mom pop restaurants like Billy's Cafe were closed. A few chain operations were open offering curbside. We drove around the square just to see it empty. A few people were present in golf carts, but it looked like they were just looking too. No one was out walking around. The ONLY places that was ridiculously packed were Publix & Winn Dixie.

So if people aren't out, the stores are closed already under the strong suggestion of our Governor.. why do we need him to enact an executive order to "Shut Florida Down"? Florida already is shut down. The parks are closed, the beaches are closed, Disney & every other theme park closed, trails for horse back riders closed, hair salons closed, etc..... The ONLY places still open are the ones that are considered LIFE SUSTAINING.. the grocery stores, the hospitals, the feed stores, the pharmacies, waste management, etc..

Yet people are still screaming for him to enact an executive order 🤦.

This is going to spread regardless. All the places still open even during a pandemic are still going to spread it. It lives on cardboard for 24 hrs, steel for 48 hrs and plastic for 72 hrs... And some scientists suggest it lives in the air for up to 3 hrs.

The Diamond Princess cruise ship just tested positive for the RNA, (the genetic material of the virus that causes COVID-19) after 17 days. So it's living on surfaces MUCH longer than they knew.

All a social distancing is doing is PROLONGING THE INEVITABLE.

There is a very good reason for that.. it is helping our medical industry prepare. Covid Units are being set up. We're getting more ventilators in. We're preparing. But it WILL reach everyone eventually. As long as it lives on surfaces, as easily as it spreads, everyone will be exposed at some point.

So why are y'all dogging our Governor. There's nothing else he can do!

He's shut what he can down without completely going Martial on us. Yet, y'all are sharing petitions to "shut Florida down" in my inbox, sharing the same meme again & again.

They shut China down too and it still took them over 5 months before they could start reopening businesses.

5 months, most of your mom & pop places are toast.

Stay home, it's great. I'm really good at it anyway. I hate wearing clothes.

But stop pushing for our government to use more more force. One day you might regret it. 

Then there's this.. 1300+ people on this boat. Been out to sea for a month. Unloading in FL to return to their cars. What can the governor do with them? Leave them out to sea for the next 5 months? It's going to spread, we're going to continue to be exposed. There are asymptomatic people walking around right now! It could be your grocery stocker, or on the cash you handled, or the postal service lady that put your mail in your mailbox..

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