Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Can't this ass be EXCOMMUNICATED from the republican party...???

Mitt Romney Once Again Sides With The Democrats; Endorses Vote By Mail Follow Chris Donaldson Posted May 22, 2020 in Politics , Source: washingtonexaminerthehill,  ABC News
Showing a determination that he never possessed in 2012, Mitt Romney is hellbent at winning an election - for the Democrats. 

The failed Republican presidential candidate who choked like a dog and gifted a second term to Barack Obama and his wrecking crew continues to show where his loyalties are by taking up with Dems in the war on President Trump.

As the only Republican senator who voted to convict Trump on the bogus impeachment charges early this year, Romney has earned the love from a treacherous media that hated him and is now a hero of the so-called resistance.

This time Romney is siding with Democrats again by throwing in with the enemies of democracy on the vote-by-mail scam that will allow for fraud on a massive scale along with the practice of ballot harvesting.
Mitt's endorsement of the plot to steal the election came while speaking to reporters.

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