Tuesday, May 26, 2020

McConnell: FBI Treatment Of Gen. Flynn Could Warrant Charges Against Top FBI Officials
May 1, 2020  Martin Walsh

              Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell took many by surprise this week when he made some eyebrow-raising comments General Michael Flynn following new revelations in his case.

During a phone-in interview Thursday on Fox News, McConnell was asked about newly released documents showing that the FBI had drawn up paperwork to close the case against Flynn, but fired agent Peter Strzok made a last-minute move to keep it open.

Strzok was fired for sending countless anti-Trump text messages to Lisa Page, a former FBI lawyer with whom he was having an affair. Strzok played a critical role in going after Flynn, the new documents reveal.

McConnell was not happy about this and admonished top officials in the FBI for the bureau’s treatment of Flynn, who served as President Donald Trump’s first national security adviser before getting caught up in special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

“It’s been interesting to watch, and if all of this proves to be true, you will have, certainly, a major, major error on the part of top leadership at the FBI, which could well warrant additional charges against them,” McConnell said.

He added: “If true, this is very, very troubling — disturbing.”

McConnell was asked whether he believes fired FBI Director James Comey should be criminally charged for his role in overseeing the agency’s investigation, but the Senate leader wasn’t ready to go that far.

“Revealing this story has been extremely important for the country,” added McConnell. “If true, it is extremely troubling and action, of course, under our system would be taken by others on the issues that you raised.”

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Anonymous said...

"could" result in charges - how about MUST result in charges - to any and all involved, especially those in it up to their eyeballs. If any of us mere mortals had engaged in such illegal conduct we would already be under a prison somewhere.