Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Give them "SQUAT"

MN Gov. Tim Walz Sends Letter to Trump Requesting FEMA Aid for $500M to Cover Protest Damage
by daniel 2 hours ago

The bill always comes due.

After allowing protests, looting, and rioting to go unchecked early-on, Minnesota Governor is now turning to the federal government to bailout the state.

In a letter to President Trump, governor Tim Walz asked for FEMA aid in the realm of $500 million to repair damages from the protests.


Why should American taxpayers bailout a state and city where leaders told police forces to stand down?

Minneapolis is now even openly talking about defunding and ABOLISHING the police department.

More details on this stunning development below:

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Anonymous said...

Hey timmy - YOU let them 'protest' (and loot, commit arson, pillage, rape and murder) YOU pay for it. You shouldn't get one thin dime or even a wooden nickel from the taxpayers.