Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Of course they say it's impossible.....you don't think they're going to say YES, do you...??

Dominion Voting Systems says it is 'physically impossible' for their machines to 'switch votes from one candidate to the other' after Trump lawyers accused the company of meddling in the election to help Biden


  • Dominion Voting Systems has hit back at conspiracy theories that the software company had meddled in the election to benefit Joe Biden 
  • Michael Steel appeared on Fox News’ America’s News HQ on Sunday to debunk accusations made by attorneys working for the Trump campaign
  • Trump's team have made a number of wild claims of voter fraud, including claims he won the election 'by a landslide' but was cheated by Dominion's 'algorithm'
  • One attorney, Sidney Powell, who was disavowed by the campaign Sunday, said the machines were programmed to change Trump votes for Biden 
  • In response, Steel said Sunday that Dominion is ‘a nonpartisan American company' and 'it is not physically possible for our machines to switch votes'
  • Steel, who identifies as a conservative Republican, added that Dominion would ‘love to see any facts or evidence’ from the Trump campaign to back their claims 

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Dan said...

Classic tactic of the left. Lie, distract, accuse, ANYTHING to draw attention from their own criminality.