Wednesday, June 16, 2021

truth is...She should be fired....dereliction of duty

Why Kackling Kam won’t go to the Border  By Kelly -Jun 14, 20215  By Rick Manning

Vice President Kamala Harris is in the ultimate no-win position when it comes to visiting the U.S./Mexico border. If she doesn’t go, she is shirking her responsibility, if she does, she will be politically damaged by the trip for a lifetime.

Imagine the photo-op that would stick with Harris for as long as Google, Facebook, Amazon and Twitter would allow it. She would either be in front of the wall that Donald Trump built, an overflowing child detention facility posing with children in cages, or an opening in the wall that isn’t completed and serves as a passageway for illegal human trafficking.

Getting jeered by Guatemalans is a better look than that.

The press conference would be extra special as she inappropriately cackled at questions like, what do you plan on doing to help these children? Her futile and pathetic attempts to blame Donald Trump would be media fodder as Democrats who aspire to the presidency in 2024, see her as their likely opponent and her media shield would be shredded.

After seeing her performance with Lester Holt of NBC News is there any wonder why her team desperately doesn’t want her to go to the border? There is no such thing as a solemn cackle.

Harris’s bizarre, “I haven’t been to Europe either” response to Holt’s question on why she hadn’t been to the border was so bad that unnamed White House staff leaked that the White House was “perplexed and worried” by her remarks and overall failure on the trip.

Hardly the type of supportive response the putative president in waiting would expect from the “loyal” White House staff. It is so bad that she should probably put in a call to the equally likable Meghan Markle to get advice on dealing with palace intrigue and do the opposite.

However, America did learn a lot about the border crisis from the vice president’s trip.

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