Saturday, August 3, 2013

U.S. Constitution Declared an Absolutely Worthless Document?

Dear Proud American,
Take a long, hard look above…
These are the people who represent you… who represent America.
How does that make you feel?
Personally, it makes me feel sick.
This isn't the America I know and love. This isn't the America my ancestors staked                                              their lives for.
Today, Big Government reign is enslaving our freedoms.
It can punish you for your political affiliation…
It can listen in on your personal phone calls, read your emails, spy on your every                                              move without court authorization…
Big Government reign decides who lives, and who dies.
It can even kill you right where you stand, without trial.
Worst of all, it's so easy to get away with.
Take another look above… think about all they've gotten away with… all the blood                                           on their hands.
Now let me ask you one last question - will you help me do something about it?
I can't stomach our "leaders" lying through their teeth one second longer. It's time to                                         tell Congress enough is enough!
It's time to demand that Congress impeach this pack of corrupt, degenerate thugs,                                           before it gets any worse. Because personally, I don't want to see what "worse"                                                  looks like…
Let's take a stand in favor of America's restoration. The America our forefathers built.
Join Capitol Hill Daily's movement to impeach Barack Obama and help us put an end                                           to the destruction of civil liberty once and for all.
The Constitution is worthless if we don't do everything we can to enforce it.
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Martin Biancuzzo
Senior Political Analyst, Capitol Hill Daily

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