Sunday, December 22, 2013

why did it take her so long?

Barbara Walters Discovers That Obama Isn't The Messiah

 Douglas MacKinnon | Dec 22, 2013       
For those who believe in traditional values, Christmas, and the holiday season in general for all those of faith, represent a very special and even sacred time of reflection, gratitude and hope.
Unless of course, you are one of the leading voices of the liberal mainstream media and you want to intimate yet again that Barack Obama may be at least a figurative deity here on Earth.
Said multi-millionaire, literally limousine-liberal Barbara Walters in response to CNN's further left-leaning Piers Morgan's question about why Obama is struggling so much at the moment:
"He made so many promises. We thought he was going to be — I shouldn't say this at Christmas time — but the next Messiah."
Wow! Well, Walters did just say it at Christmas time. Why?
First, who is the "we" she is referencing? That would be the other ultra-wealthy liberals from Hollywood, the media, entertainment, the new social-media billionaires and most tenured and unionized academia who have deluded themselves into believing this to be the case.
From their insular bubble of privilege where they are sealed off from the vast majority of their fellow citizens, they turned the unquestioned worship of Obama into a new theology. Once that virtual house of worship was created, they believed Obama could and would do no wrong. View Full Article

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