Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Babysitter in Virginia Tattooed the Kids He Was Meant to Be Watching     

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By Mike Pearl
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Last month, three days before Christmas, Virginia couple Melissa Delp and Daniel Janney left Delp's two kids, both under 13, with their friend Alexander Edwards for the night. Then there's a blank in the police record, but cops say when the parents got home, their kids had been tattooed against their will. Search warrants said the kids' names had been inscribed on their right shoulders. The sitter has been arrested and is being charged with a crime called "malicious wounding," along with abduction and felony child abuse.
The few times I've ever been tasked with babysitting, I got through it by eating pizza and watching TV.
Alexander Edwards is a different kind of babysitter than me. First of all, he favors much more direct interaction with the children than I would. Also, he apparently got close enough to them that he felt like his judgement about what kinds of tattoos they would want superseded their own opinions on the subject.

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