Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Obama's State of the Onion Smells

 John Ransom | Jan 22, 2014          
Let’s never forget: Millions of Americans who work hard and play by the rules every day deserve a government and a financial system that does the same. It’s time to apply the same rules from top to bottom: no bailouts, no handouts, and no cop-outs. An America built to last insists on responsibility from everybody. Except for me. - Paraphrase from president Obama’s 2012 State of the Union
Prepare ye the way for Obama's next State of the Onion speech. By pulling out a TV guide.
       Radio host Mark Levin has called on the GOP to boycott the State of the Onion address as a protest against those who "will not use U.S. Constitution to defend this nation, since they will not use the Constitution to confront a lawless president." 
      Need to change  the president’s usual tone-deaf recitation of “It’s-Not-My-Fault” and “Yes-We-Can-Raise-Taxes” and “No-We-Can’t-Create-Jobs” litany in his State of the Onion. View Full Article

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