Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I'm wondering if New Yorks new mayor is going to outdo Michael Bloomberg ? He has already vowed to do away with the horse carriages in central park, now this, what will be next ? Or Blumeberg pulling his strings ???

DeBlasio Punishes 1% in NYC Snow Storm

 Carol Platt Liebau | Jan 21, 2014          
Class warrior and New York City mayor Bill deBlasio seems to be acting on his apparent animus toward the 1% -- residents of Manhattan's (well-to-do) Upper East side confirm that section of the city remains unplowed in the ongoing northeast blizzard.
My husband, attending business meetings in the city, confirmed that buses and taxis are stuck in intersections on the UES and the streets are difficult to navigate. It is impossible to find any sort of transportation in that area. What de Blasio might consider is what that means -- not just for the prosperous residents -- but for the small businesses, cab drivers, truckers and other "workers" who serve that section of town.
Well, New York City voters elected a leftist mayor (who was, incidentally, Hillary Clinton's 200 Senate campaign manager) . . . and they're getting one. Good and hard.

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