Monday, May 19, 2014

Eric Holder's Bank Intimidation Continues to Choke Out Firearms and Ammunition Dealers   Katie Pavlich | May 19, 2014 

Last year the Department of Justice partnered with the FDIC and the Federal Trade Commission to put a whole host of industries (and their customers) on a "high-risk" list and urged banks to pay close attention to those industries as part of Operation Choke Point. Operation Choke Point is described this way by
Operation Choke Point is a program by the Obama Administration designed to interfere with and destroy the banking relationships between America's banks and their clients. The name, "Operation Choke Point" was developed by the Department of Justice in Collaboration with the FDIC and the Office of Comptroller of Currency at the Treasury Department.                                       
 How it works:
-Civil Investigative Demands (CIDs): These are a type of demand for information from banks an businesses issued by federal regulators as a "fishing expedition." Typically these CIDs request information about business practices, consumer behavior, consumer transaction data, and proprietary business information. Once one of these CIDs is received, companies are restricted from revealing the nature of the inquiry. READ MORE

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