Wednesday, June 11, 2014

CAUGHT: President Obama Blatantly Lies About Gun Background Checks.

WHY NOT ?.....he lies about everything, why not this ???
VIDEOListen to what he says, starting at the 1:23 mark.
I respect gun rights. But the idea, for example, that we couldn’t even get a background check bill in, to make sure that if you’re going to buy a weapon you have to actually go through a fairly rigorous process so that we know who you are, so that you can’t just walk up to a store, and, um, buy a semi-automatic weapon… um, it makes no sense.
What “doesn’t make sense” is Obama’s demonstrably false claim.
All firearms purchases made at gun stores, retail chains that sell firearms, pawn shops, and gun shows from federal firearms licensees (FFLs) require background checks, without exception, every single time.
We know that President Obama has little respect for the Constitution or the laws of this Republic, but he should expect to be called out for such obvious and blatant falsehoods, each and every time.

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