Friday, June 13, 2014

ISIS Militants Laden With Weapons, Stolen Cash Head for Baghdad

      IRBIL, Iraq -- Heavily armed Islamist militants flush with $450 million in stolen cash pushed toward Baghdad on Friday, sending thousands fleeing in fear from the Iraqi capital.        
Al Qaeda-linked insurgents who overran large parts of the north of the country earlier this week also seized about $450 million during a bank heist, Mosul Mayor Athier Nujaifi told NBC News. That makes the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) the world's richest terrorist group.
     The Sunni fighters were reportedly only about 40 miles from Baghdad on Friday. Drivers were charging Iraqis trying to leave the city as much as $100 – many times the daily salary of an average Iraqi worker.        
Richard Engel         @RichardEngel    
Some iraqi drivers refusing to take military aged men out of Baghdad. Worried they'll be stopped at checkpoints and killed.
The U.S.-backed government was rounding up potential recruits, signing on anyone willing to go to fight against ISIS, a hardline group that has vowed to capture Baghdad.        

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