Friday, June 13, 2014

VIDEO: Congressman Refutes All Obama Admin Excuses For Bergdahl Release

                    The conflict  over the release of those now called the “Taliban Five” continued Wednesday when Rep. Randy Forbes called Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to task in front of the House Armed Services Committee. The questions revolved around the likelihood of members of the “Taliban Five” rejoining the fight and what it would potentially cost the United States in the lives of its military.
When asked about whether or not the military would risk more American lives to recapture the Five if they rejoined the fight, Hagel did his best to avoid answering directly. Forbes continued to press for a direct answer until Hagel was forced to admit that lives would in fact be risked to recapture them.
At that point, Forbes struck right to the heart of the matter and asked if Hagel had done any sort of assessment on how many lives would be lost in an attempt to recapture the Five. Once again, Hagel tried to dodge the question, and again, Forbes wouldn’t let him. Forbes was forced to admit that he hadn’t done any sort of assessment of the American lives that could be lost.
Hagel’s unwilling responses bring up a couple of uncomfortable questions that have to be asked. How does this affect the national security interests of the United States, and has the Secretary of Defense increased the security risk instead of decreasing it? The Department of Defense has an obligation to protect the American people, but this type of end justifies the means mentality only puts them in more danger.

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