Sunday, June 22, 2014

Kids have been suspended , some threatened with police charges [even on their own HOME property], but it's O K for this jerk ?

Gun Control Advocate Biden Played With Squirt Guns TodayCortney O'Brien | Jun 21, 2014     

First it was the president, and now Vice President Joe Biden was caught playing with toy guns while trying to convince us he is a champion of gun control.

The Washington Post photographed Biden playing with a squirt gun near the US Naval Observatory today with a group of children. The publication posted the photo both on Instagram and Twitter:

While squirt guns are obviously harmless, the image of Biden wielding these toy weapons may not exactly be a friendly one to gun control activists who are hoping for the Obama administration to pursue an anti-gun agenda.

Obama placed Biden in charge of a gun violence policy review after the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook elementary in December 2012. Since then, Biden has failed in pushing gun control legislation through Congress, yet vowed that they have 'not given up.' Meanwhile, former members of anti-gun groups are admitting that more gun control does not prevent mass shootings.
Biden also gave poor advice about firing a shotgun outside one's house to scare off burglars, a tip which got one man arrested.
Keep it up sir !

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